The Complete Guide to Picnic Coolers

| March 12, 2011

To manage your drinks, beverages, or cold foods, it is essential to have a quality cooler to store all of your goods in on a day out at your favorite spot. Picnic coolers come in many different forms with different features to accommodate the needs of consumers. Picnic coolers have come a long way from the traditional plastic box that had to be hoisted up and carried to be moved. Here is a list of some of the more recent developments in the cooler industry.

Picnic Coolers Sets

Some coolers are sold with other items, such as grills and baskets. These cooler sets can provide the items you need in one theme or pattern. Uniformity is just one of the great features of buying a picnic cooler set. You can also get more than one item at a discounted cost. These packages would be great for tailgating or outdoor picnics.

Coolers on Wheels

Coolers on wheels are a relatively new invention. They are great for travel and can be used as a tote or a cooler. The fact that you can wheel these coolers around for easy walking is another great feature. These bags can be carried on a trip to the mountains or a trip across the country.

Wine Bottle Coolers

Wine bottle coolers either hold a single bottle of wine or they can be purchased as a convenient tote that will carry the glasses or a bottle opener in it also. These are a great gift for a wine connoisseur or a family friend.

Backpack Coolers

Backpack coolers are a convenient way to carry all of the supplies you need for an outdoor activity. Perched on your back, these types of coolers leave your hands free to take pictures, play with the kids, or maneuver rough hiking trails. They are great for storing enough water to keep you hydrated throughout the entire day.

Personal Lunch Coolers

Another cooler to note is the lunch cooler. These can be insulated also providing a warm lunch to those who would like a hot meal to fuel their system on lunch break. These coolers are small, compact and suitable for storing all the food you need to get you through the day.

Collapsible Coolers

Collapsible coolers are space savers. They are a great item if you don’t have a lot of storage space in your house.

Hopefully these descriptions will help you decide which of these picnic coolers you need for your next picnicking trip.


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