The Differences Between Picnic Baskets And Picnic Totes

| March 29, 2011

Picnicking is something that can be done in all seasons. From summer picnics on the sandy beach, to fall picnics on the hiking trail, and even early winter picnics by the campfire, food brings people together. Enjoying that food in the great outdoors really makes people appreciate their natural surroundings. If you have been looking for a way to appreciate all that Mother Nature has to offer, consider takings a picnic!

When you’re picnicking one of the most important supplies to have is something in which to carry your food, beverages, utensils, and other necessary items. The perfect carrying case? A picnic basket or tote! These items ensure that your food stays clean and edible, while holding all of your silverware, cups, and other necessary picnic items. Nowadays there are more ways for you to carry your picnicking supplies than just the traditional basket. From wicker baskets to picnic totes,  there’s something for everyone!

Picnic baskets are available in two main variations. First of all, you have the typical basket, made of rattan or often made of bamboo or a bamboo lookalike. It’s light, easy to carry to your picnic destination and sturdy enough to hold most of the things you’ll need for your outing. There are, however, drawbacks to the typical basket. The wooden handles make carrying the basket for a long distance difficult.

The second type of picnic basket is more conventional and it looks nothing like an actual basket. Made from polyester, or another sturdy material, this item comes insulated and it zips so that the food you’re carrying stays cold and germ-free.

There are also picnic totes out there, which are fashioned in the style of a tote bag. Picnic totes are advantageous because of their perfectly placed straps, which allow for easy transport. There are even picnic totes that come with all of the materials you need to go on picnic with several of your friends, including multiple plates, pieces of necessary silverware, and cups. These totes are generally insulated, like the conventional picnic baskets, and they keep your food chilled, clean, and safe to eat after a long walk to that ideal picnic location.

If your lifestyle indicates that you prefer a liquid diet, there are totes out there for you too! These are constructed to carry your favorite bottles of wine, as well as tasty cheeses that you might want to snack on.


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