The Different Types of Coolers Available

| March 31, 2011

When looking at a container that will help transport cold items to their favorite picnic site or a game, many people think that coolers are the best answer.  This may be true, but they have evolved over the last several years, and are no longer the Styrofoam disposable containers that we used to use.  They are now advanced enough to be used for almost any type of transportation, when the temperature of the contents is important.

Coolers now come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  They are designed for the transport of   everything from your lunch to a bottle of wine to share with friends or family.  They are even designed to take your picnic to the park, without worrying about the potato salad going bad from the heat.

One of the best new innovations in food transport is the cooler on wheels.  This allows you to move the food easily, keep it at a serviceable temperature and still have a free hand to open the door when you arrive.  Many of these come with a collapsible handle that can be stored inside the container, and have zippered pockets located on the outside of the cooler that allow you to bring the utensils and plates in a single trip.

Another innovation is the electric cooler.  This is great for long trips where you need to have a cold drink but do not want to stop every couple of hours and pay high prices at the gas station.  A simple adaptor can be purchased that allows you to plug the cooler directly into the cigarette lighter, which keeps the cooler cold while driving.  There are even coolers that have a plug made to fit into the ac adaptor of the car, allowing you to avoid the extra expense of purchasing an adaptor.

Another new type of cooler is ideal for a family picnic in the park.  These can be found in two different types, traditional but collapsible and a handy backpack version.  The traditional cooler is usually large enough to fit a set number of drinks but, being made of soft vinyl, can be stored in a very small space.  The backpack version can be strapped to your back, allowing you to have your hands free.  This is important when traveling with a child who still needs to hold a hand when out of the car, or when there is another item that you have to carry, such as a portable barbeque grill or even another picnic basket.


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