The Durability and Style of Wicker Picnic Baskets

| April 1, 2011

Picnics date back to 17th century France where they began as feasts. All invited guests were to bring a dish to the “picnic.” Modern day picnics are very different from the concept as first understood in the 17th and 18th centuries. Contemporary conception of a picnic revolves around the idea that one cook will prepare the meal and place the food in wicker picnic baskets to take outdoors and share with all the invited guests.  It’s important to note that picnicking was not invented in America or coined as a purely American tradition, even though the country has certainly adopted the custom and adapted it as a modern custom.

Wicker picnic baskets are made of a natural source of straw (usually found on willow branches), and they have been crafted into different styles and varying shades of colors. Some baskets are hand woven for a simple yet elegant appearance. They are crafted with reliability and function ability in mind. Some are equipped with a thermal liner that prevents hot food from getting cold during travel to the best picnicking area, and most wicker picnic baskets have foldable handles that make travel easier.

Wicker picnic baskets can also be made to hold wine and cheese. These can be handcrafted pieces that carry up to two bottles of wine and glasses. Some are also equipped with cutting board and cheese knife. There are different styles and varieties of these beautiful pieces so it is important to look at all the options before deciding on the basket you want for yourself or friends and family.

Specialty baskets have been crafted exclusively for two people or four people. Some have been built for as many as ten people. Other wicker baskets are designed specifically for weddings or special events. Some baskets were designed around the food they will carry, especially made for a BBQ lunch or coffee service. Other baskets are equipped with cutlery, plates, and napkins, and there are a surplus of different colors and patterns to choose from.

Most wicker picnic baskets are handcrafted and high quality products that are long lasting and elegantly styled. The beautiful designs and colors allow for a wide array of gift ideas for friends and family or a wedding couple. Not only that, but wicker baskets are a great choice for decorative purposes in your home or for a day at the park. Nothing says picnic in the park like a wicker picnic basket.


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