The Explosion of Options in Picnic Blankets

| March 24, 2011

When thinking of picnics, two things should come to mind automatically – picnic blankets and baskets. The blanket that you use is one of the most important considerations when planning this type of outing. You’ll find that the right type of blanket will offer you comfort and a modicum of protection from the ground, but the wrong one will offer you very little. Today, you can find an incredible range of blanket options on the market, and choosing the right one is a bit simpler than before.

Single Person Options

If you will be picnicking alone, then you certainly don’t need to haul a large, heavy blanket along with you. There are single person picnic blankets that offer you quite a few options, as well as the smaller size that you need. They even come in their own handy carrying cases for more convenience.


Anyone who has picnicked has had this experience: you sit down on the blanket, only to find that the ground is still damp from the previous evening’s light shower. Your pants are now wet. Well, with a waterproof blanket, that doesn’t have to happen ever again. You’ll find several different colors and styles available here, all of which have waterproof backing to keep you and your family dry and happy during your outing.

Blanket Totes

If you want a simple, easily carried option, then you should check into these picnic blankets. They’re small and portable, thanks in large part to the tote case and carry strap, which is long enough to go over your shoulder for more comfort and easier carrying.


If you want something a bit warmer on your trip, then fleece options are a great choice. You’ll find that these are warm and easily cleaned, and they are also available in different colors and sizes. There are even eco-friendly fleece options if you want to help protect the environment.

Stadium Seats

While these might seem out of place in a discussion about picnic blankets, you’ll find stadium seats available with a blanket. These offer great comfort at the game, but they can also be used during your outings, as well. Such a chair can make almost any flat surface more comfortable.

As you can see, there is a very wide range of options available for you. You’ll find the right solution available from a quality retailer of picnicking supplies.


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