The Features of Modern Wicker Picnic Baskets

| March 29, 2011

Many of us have the vision of going on a picnic and carrying a basket on our arm.  These wicker picnic baskets have been a staple of picnics for many years.  People may believe that those days have gone, but these baskets are still available.

Wicker picnic baskets have been around for many years and have been featured in television and movies since either form of media has existed.  The ideal picture of the picnic involved a family traveling to a park, taking the wicker basket from the car, usually covered with a beautiful checkered cloth, and sitting on a blanket enjoying a lovely outdoor dinner.

These new picnic baskets may be made out of the same material but they are far above what our grandparents used when they went on a picnic.  The reason for the same material is fairly common knowledge; wicker is very resistant to the elements and can last a lifetime with proper care.  This is one of the main reasons that wicker furniture is so good for outdoor settings, it can withstand the elements and requires only a moderate amount of care to continue to look brand new.

Also, the new wicker picnic baskets no longer have an open top that has to be covered by a towel to protect the food from insects.  While the open version is still available, many now come with a drawstring type cloth cover, which eliminates the need for a separate cover.  Other baskets actually have built in lids that can be latched shut and help protect the food.

There are even spaces to help transport the dishes and silver ware.  Many of the new baskets have built in recesses in the lid that hold plates, silverware or even glasses.  This allows you to bring along the eating utensils without having them move around and damage the food.  It also lets them stay above the food, helping to keep them clean until they are used for the picnic.

Wicker picnic baskets have come a long way over the years.  There are now versions available that are even insulated, which will allow you to keep your cold food cold and your hot food hot.  They are usually lined with plastic, which can even help you prevent spills from leaking outside of the basket.  The new linings are usually easily removed for cleaning and this type of basket can last for years with the proper care.


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