The Great Debate: Picnic Baskets vs. Picnic Totes

| April 17, 2011

You’ve been on a picnic before, right? You may have taken a large spread with you, complete with all of your favorite picnic dishes, from ham and cheese sandwiches, to potato salad, and sweet tea. Do you remember what you carried your food and utensils in? You may have carried them in a picnic basket. Picnic baskets are a classic way to pack for your journey to your favorite outdoor dining spot. Nowadays, picnickers have a variety of picnic baskets that they can choose from. So, the next time you’re picnicking, will you choose a picnic basket or a picnic tote?

Picnic baskets and picnic totes both have the same general function. They keep your food safe and clean, they keep your utensils clean and organized, and they make transporting your meal easier. Just what is the difference between picnic baskets and picnic totes?

Picnic baskets come in two different styles. There is the classic picnic basket (Think “Wizard of Oz”), which is made of either rattan or bamboo. This type of basket is lightweight, while still managing to be durable. Unfortunately, it can be uncomfortable to carry a classic basket if you are walking a long distance to your picnic destination. There are also more modern picnic baskets, which are made of a polyester material. These baskets are often fully insulated so that they can keep your food and beverages cold. Best of all, these baskets usually zip, which helps to keep your utensils and your food germ-free.

Picnic totes are different from picnic baskets in that they look much more like a traditional tote bag that you might transport your books in. The placement of their straps makes totes much easier to carry. You can find picnic totes that offer enough accessories so that four people can enjoy a picnic together. Like picnic baskets, many of these totes will already include your silverware and cups, so that you never need to bring your dinnerware from home out into the wilderness.

Some totes are made exclusively for wine, or for wine and cheese. These totes keep your picnic completely insulated so you can relax and sip on a chilled glass of white wine. Wine and cheese totes aren’t the only totes that will keep your food cold, though. There are picnic totes available online that will keep your entire meal, as well as your beverages, at the perfect temperature.


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