The Importance of Picnic Coolers

| April 17, 2011

Many people overlook the importance of coolers when planning a day out with friends and family. Most picnics take place in the hot summer months, when keeping the food and drink cold is tough and extremely important.  If you are planning food that might spoil when not kept at the proper temperature, arranging for coolers is even more important.  Fortunately, there are several different styles and designs from which to choose, so you should never have to go without cold food and drink for your picnic.

For smaller get-togethers, you will probably find that one of the backpack style coolers is perfect for your needs.  These are large enough to carry four drinks, and they have insulated interiors to keep everything nice and chilled.  If you need things to stay even colder, you can add an ice pack that will neatly chill your food and beverages.  Most of these packs are made of durable, lightweight material, so you don’t need to worry about straining yourself when you carry it from place to place.

If you’re planning something a bit larger and you need space for more drinks, then you can get a collapsible cooler on wheels.  These are also created from lightweight materials, and they will fold down to very small sizes when not in use.  Some of the better coolers will have wheels on the bottom and a long handle, which makes carting it from the car to the picnic site a breeze.  These can be filled with ice to keep everything super cold, or you can store drinks and food that is already cold and keep it a respectable temperature.  Just remember that they won’t maintain a super cold temperature without the ice or ice packs, so you’ll need to make further arrangements if you’re trying to keep food fresh.

Finally, there are the huge ice chests for those that need coolers to keep drinks and food for several people. These can be extremely heavy, but luckily many have wheels and handles for ease of transportation.  These ice chests are great for large parties where everything will remain stationary for long periods of time.  They’re also the best choice for keeping frozen foods frozen and maintaining cold temperatures on food that can spoil.  No matter what your need for coolers, you’ll find that there is certainly a style or size that can fit your needs.

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