Three Traditional Picnic Games that Stand the Test of Time

| April 13, 2012

There are many picnic games that are just as traditional as picnics are. For most people, the following three games are just as much fun as they’ve always been. By planning ahead for your group picnic with game ideas, everyone is sure to have a blast while sharing a memorable experience.

Water Balloon Toss

If you’re holding your picnic on a hot day, there’s no better game than a water balloon toss. Individuals of all ages will enjoy this game. With two people per team, each team should have one balloon filled with water. Everyone should be spread out in a line with their partners standing opposite them. Begin with partners standing close together and have them toss the balloon to their partner. Every time the balloon is tossed by one partner and successfully caught by the other, they will each take one step backwards. The game becomes more of a challenge the further apart partners get. The last team with an intact balloon will be declared the winter.

Potato Sack Race

While you may not have potato sacks on hand, you will find that there are sites online that actually sell potato sacks for the purpose of playing this fun game. Divide into teams with at least two people per team. To play, one member of each team will climb into a potato sack, stand at a starting line, and then hop as fast as they can to a marked line and then back again to their partner. They will then step out of the potato sack and hand it over to their partner who will also hop as quickly as they can to the line and back. The first team to accomplish this wins the game.

Three-Legged Race

This game has the same formula as a potato sack race. The main difference is that instead of being confined by a potato sack, players will have to coordinate their movements with their partner. Have each person choose a partner and tie one of each of their legs together. The first team to reach the finish line wins!
These games are sure to increase the level of excitement at your next picnic event. Whether you are having a children’s birthday picnic or would like to share a few laughs with friends and family, everyone will have smiles on their face with these traditional and fun picnic games.

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