Tips for Creating a Packing List and To-Do List for Your Family Picnic

| March 19, 2012

A picnic can be a blast for the entire family. However, preparation is extremely important when creating an enjoyable, stress-free event. Creating a to-do list and a packing list will ease the stress of planning a family picnic. These organizational tasks will allow you to be assured that you have everything you and your family need on the day of the event.

What you choose to bring to your family picnic will depend on where it is being held and the personal needs of your family. The following items will give you a general idea of what products may be necessary during your outdoor excursion:

• Picnic blanket/table cloth
• Simple food items (create a detailed list of the food items you plan on bringing)
• Condiments (ketchup, mustard, etc.)
• Beverages
• Utensils/plates/cups
• napkins
• Insulated picnic basket or cooler
• Bottle opener
• Insect repellent
• First aid kit
• Sunscreen/umbrella/hats
• Picnic game equipment
• Camera
• A good book

Be sure to add any other items that you can think of that will simplify your day or will avoid trips back home. For instance, extra diapers, an extra bottle, baby wipes, swimming suits if you’ll be near a swimming spot, towels, and other supplies that may be necessary for your family picnic.

Your to-do list may include the following:

• Prepare food/make a trip to the grocery store
• Purchase or find your picnic basket/cooler
• Purchase other items from your supply list that you don’t already have in the house
• Write down directions to picnic destination
• Talk to your family about what game supplies everyone would like to bring to the event
• Invite other family members or friends if desired
• Check the weather the day before the event

With a little careful planning, you will be able to get your family out of the door with greater confidence and far less stress. After your first family picnic, you will be a pro at creating a fun outdoor meal for your family and are likely to enjoy many more picnics throughout the summer. Visit different picnic locations so that your family has the opportunity to pick out their favorite spots. A few picnic location ideas include city parks, state parks, beaches, riverfronts, and even your own backyard! When you find the perfect picnic spot, you may just be starting a family tradition that will create many great memories.

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