Tips for Planning a Memorable Family Picnic

| March 21, 2012

Summer has begun, the kids are off from school, and you’d like to plan a family event that everyone will love. If there is one tried and true tradition that families have enjoyed for hundreds of years, it’s the family picnic. On a beautiful summer day, there’s nothing better than spreading out a picnic blanket, enjoying simple food, and enjoying a relaxing atmosphere with your family.

Make a List

As any family knows, getting the family out of the door with everything you need can be a challenge. Instead of going through a mental checklist before you head out of the door for your picnic, create a written checklist ahead of time. By creating the list a day or two before your picnic, you are more likely to include everything on your list that will be needed when the day of the picnic arrives.
Essential items on your list will include food, beverages, napkins, utensils, a picnic blanket, and more. Non-essential items that may come in handy include bug spray, sunscreen, games, books, sunglasses, a camera, and anything else that you can think of that will enhance the experience. If you have young children who are bound to get tired during the outdoor excursion, be sure to bring along an umbrella that will protect them from the sun while they nap.

Extra Activities

Eating a picnic meal in the great outdoors is a great family experience. However, the meal will only take up a portion of the afternoon. While it’s not necessary to map out the entire day, it is a good idea to plan a few activities that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Does your family enjoy kicking around a soccer ball or playing catch? Bring along a ball, Frisbee, or other game supplies to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience.

Your plans may depend on the location of your picnic. If are having your picnic near a lake, don’t forget to bring swimsuits, towels, a beach ball, and other swimming supplies.

If you have the time and enjoy getting creative, consider a game such as a nature scavenger hunt. Make a list of items for each person to find such as something green, a white rock, a dandelion, and so on.

No matter what activities you plan for your picnic, everyone is sure to have a blast. There is something about the great outdoors that brings families closer together and ensures a relaxing time for everyone.

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