Tips on Choosing Picnic Coolers

| April 14, 2011

While you might think that you are limited to a basket or tote when picnicking, you will find that picnic coolers are also available. These handy devices offer some significant benefits, and they are also available in quite a range of styles and sizes. While a cooler might not be the best thing for all situations, knowing a bit more about what’s available will certainly help ensure that you are able to choose the best solution for your picnicking needs.

Wheeled Cooler Designs

If you are tired of carrying a heavy basket every time you want to enjoy an outing, then these picnic coolers might be just the thing. You will find they are available in a considerable array of sizes. For instance, there are some very large ones that can hold up to 32 drink cans (or the equivalent amount of food). You’ll also find some that come with full place settings for four people, and those that have two wheels, rather than four. Wheeled coolers offer considerable convenience, however, if you will be traversing rough terrain on your outing, you might be better served with a different type.

Collapsible Cooler Designs

It’s no secret that storing a hard-shell cooler can be difficult. They’re large, and they take up a considerable amount of space. However, collapsible picnic coolers can offer some significant benefits here. You’ll also find several different sizes, from smaller totes designed to hold just a six-pack of cans to large options that can carry enough food for your entire family. There are also those with fashion prints, and those made of canvas, those with aluminum frames and those without. Collapsible models are extremely popular, particularly for those who want more convenience with storage and travel.

Cooler Backpacks

One interesting option in the world of picnic coolers is the cooler backpack. These are ideal for those jaunts out into rugged country, along the beach or just out into the back yard. You will also find that these are available in bright colors, as well as patterns. There are wine packs available, as well as those with built-in radios for a bit of entertainment on your outing. Kids’ packs are also available so that your little ones can carry their own equipment of food during the outing.

These are just a few of the options where coolers are concerned. You’ll find a greater range of options with the right retailer.


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