Top Six Must Have Picnic Accessories

| April 21, 2010

No picnic is complete without the perfect picnicaccessories. We all love the idea of a long day relaxing in the sun, picnickingby the lake or in a park and enjoying friends and family. But you need morethan just a good basket to have a memorable day. We’ve compiled a quick list ofsix must-have picnic items from that will ensure your day isabsolutely perfect. Enjoy!

  1. Picnic Blanket or Waterproof Mat
  2. Picnic Games for Kids
  3. Compact and Portable Picnic Tables and Picnic Chairs
  4. Portable Grill
  5. Bbq Grill Tools
  6. Sun Shade Popup

Of course, you don’t want to forget napkins, plates, servingware and tumblers for drinks! Luckily, most picnic baskets come equipped with everything you need to serve your picnic lunch in style. For more informationabout planning the perfect picnic, detailed recipes and just plain old goodadvice, check out the Picnic Planning Center.

Happy Picnicking!

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