Using Picnic Totes for Outdoor Dining

| March 22, 2011

When you are planning a picnic for your family, the last problem you want to have is not being able to carry the food to the picnic site.  Purchasing a picnic basket may seem like a large expense but picnic totes may be a lower-cost alternative.  These totes are smaller than traditional baskets, but are just as useful.

Most picnic totes are designed to be used for multiple purposes.  They can be used to transfer food and beverages to your picnic site or they can double as a drink cooler for long trips.  Many of them are insulated to help you keep your drinks cool and have a water proof plastic lining that helps prevent leaks from escaping the tote.  There are also many decorative options available on the outside of the tote, so they can compliment any décor or picnic dishes.

If you want to be a bit more adventurous, there are even picnic totes that are available for larger events.  Many of the larger totes come with the holding capacity to transport up to twenty four cans of beverage, which is great when going to a longer event, such as a tailgating party or a sporting event.  They also have pockets on the side, front and back that allow you to carry utensils or other needed items.

Many of the totes come with either a handle or a shoulder strap, and some come with both.  This is a convenient method of carrying the tote and can be combined with other picnic accessories, making sure you can get everything to the site in one trip.  This also allows you to transport your drinks in a hands-free manner, in case you have to carry a child or even a small grill to your site.  Make sure your tote is constructed with the best material and that is assembled with good, strong stitching.  Nothing is worse than having your items fall out of the tote before you arrive at your site.

There are even more advanced picnic totes that come with a host of accessories already included with your purchase.  Totes can be purchased that include such simple items as tumblers and plates, or more specialized items such as corkscrews or even cutting boards.  This allows these totes to be used for more romantic dinners such as wine and cheese under the stars.  They are usually simple to carry and hold a large amount of both drinks and food for you and your family.


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