Using Wine Totes for a Romantic Picnic Experience

| March 28, 2011

Wine has never been considered a normal part of a traditional picnic experience.  This is because transporting wine has always been difficult, from keeping it at a perfect drinking temperature to making sure the bottle is not shaken.  One of the newest additions to the picnic accessory family are the wine totes, which will help you plan a romantic dinner without the worries of transporting your wine.

Wine totes have recently been added to the list of picnic items that anyone can use and enjoy.  They come in a variety of styles and colors, which allows users to take their wine to any outdoor event or dinner.  There are even totes that allow you to transport not only wine, but an entire bar set, great for the tailgate party or adults who wish to enjoy a few drinks before the game.

Wine totes are not only for people wishing to have wine at their picnic, but are also great for taking wine to a dinner party with friends or relatives.  There will not be any more confusion as to whether or not your friend has a corkscrew available in their home; you can bring your own attached to your tote.  It will also allow you to help control the temperature of the wine so there will be no waiting for it to chill correctly before serving with dinner.

Another great feature of the different totes that are available,  are the built in functions of the tote.  Many of them come with their own corkscrew, secured to the outside of the tote within a separate pocket.  Wine totes are also insulated to allow you to keep the wine at an optimal drinking temperature during transportation.  There are also totes that allow you to bring glasses and even small snacks, which can be great for an outdoor romantic evening for two.

With the many features available to transport your wine, using these totes is one of the best options.  If you are looking at taking your special partner to a romantic location for a unique event, there is nothing better than a bottle of chilled wine, some fruit and a nice selection of finger foods.  Whether you are proposing and want to have the perfect setting or telling your loved one that they are going to be a new parent, nothing caps a romantic evening like a perfect glass of wine.


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