What Should You Know about Buying Insulated Coolers?

| March 14, 2011

Keeping your food and drink at the right temperature is important to having the best picnic or outing possible. While you can find insulated picnic baskets, you’ll also find insulated coolers that can help you out here. In fact, some of these cooler designs can be just as elegant as a traditional picnic basket, while others offer extreme portability. What should you consider before buying a cooler, though?


One of the first things that you need to consider is the capacity of the cooler in question. You should buy a cooler with an eye on both current and potential future needs. That means that while you might only need to carry enough food or drink for one or two people right now, that might not always be true. Of course, you can buy two insulated coolers, one for personal use and one for larger outings if you prefer. Make sure that the cooler you choose has the interior capacity to hold both drinks and food, though, if this is what you want to use it for.


Another consideration when you’re shopping for a good cooler is how portable it is. Some insulated coolers have little more than a handle at the top. While this can be fine, if it’s heavily loaded down, it will become heavy and cumbersome in a short time. If you want the best in portability, then you should consider wheeled options, or even backpack options. Wheeled designs allow you to easily pull your cooler over paved and flat surfaces, but they might not be good options for picnics in rugged areas. In rugged areas, you should make sure that you use a backpack cooler. These are extremely handy, as they put the weight of the contents across your shoulders, rather than on your arms. Your balance will be better with these as well.

With Utensils

Planning for a picnic usually means you have to pack your own dishes and silverware. However, you’ll find insulated coolers that also come with silverware, plates and more. This can be a great option, particularly if you are picnicking alone or with your significant other. Of course, you’ll find cooler designs that offer silverware and dinnerware for up to four people, while still being insulated against the loss of heat or cold from your food and beverages.

Choosing the right cooler is an important step in enjoying your outdoor outings.


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