When to Use Picnic Coolers

| April 16, 2011

When deciding to picnic, most people prefer to have their outdoor dining during the summer months.  This is because the warm weather and sunny days help promote the relaxing atmosphere that is desired for a family picnic.  The problem with these warm, sunny days is that it is almost impossible to keep your drinks and food cold for any length of time.  This means that you may have to eat and drink immediately upon reaching your picnic site, before you have any time to enjoy the scenery.

One solution to this problem would be to use picnic coolers to help keep your drinks and food cold until you are ready to eat.  This would allow you to arrive at your site, enjoy a game or even take a quick swim, without worrying that your food will get warm and your drinks will be hot from sitting in the sun.  It would also allow you to space out your drinks so that you can enjoy an entire day in the park or near the lake, without running out of cold drinks.

There are a wide variety of picnic coolers available to fit whatever need your family has.  There are coolers on wheels, perfect for the long trek to your seat at a sporting event, or coolers that are made into backpacks, which will help you transport your drinks to that hard to reach location at the top of the mountain.

Picnic coolers have evolved and have come a long way from the traditional cooler that had to be carried by hand. Most had a plastic lid that kept falling off and would never seal completely, allowing the hot air to enter the cooler and melt the ice before you were ready to have the first drink.  Now, many of the coolers not only have a zipper lid to prevent it opening, but they also come with a variety of carrying options, from a shoulder strap to a full backpack.

There are even picnic coolers that are built to allow you to carry an entire set of picnic accessories.  They have compartments to carry plates, silverware and glasses.  The cooler is insulated with plastic to help control spills and allows you to transport all of your picnic supplies in one container.  This can be a great help when taking the entire family on a picnic, by allowing you to carry everything essential to your outdoor dining experience in one pack.


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