Which Type of Picnic Baskets are Best for You

| March 14, 2011

When going on a picnic, one of the first item that every family needs to choose is the correct container to use for transporting every item you need to the picnic site.  Out of the myriad picnic baskets available, how do you choose which one is perfect for the needs of your family?

The first part of the decision is how many people are going to be going on the picnic.  This will help you decide on the size of the basket you need, as well as how many, and what type, of compartments fit your family.  You have to consider whether you’re taking plates and silverware or are you using disposable items that are usually transported in their original packaging?

Many of the newer picnic baskets come with areas on the lid to transport your dishes and dining utensils.  They also come in a variety of sizes, from the small basket that is great for one person carrying their lunch, to larger sizes that can easily transport enough food and dinnerware for a family of up to six people.

If you are taking full size dinner plates as well as enough food for the entire family, then one of the best options to choose is a sturdy basket make out of wicker or woven wood.  These types of picnic baskets are easy to maintain, have some weatherproofing and are light weight, which is great when stocking them with all of the supplies for a family outing.  Many of these baskets also come with side compartments or dividers, which help you separate food that should be kept warm from food that needs to be cold.

Try to find a basket that allows for storage of a number of other items and make sure the dishes are secured to the basket.  Some picnic baskets include leather or vinyl straps that secure the dishes to the lid of the basket.  This is very important because when carrying the basket or even driving with it in the car, the dishes can shift or move and harm the food.  Imagine getting to the picnic site and having the beautiful dessert ruined because it was squashed by the dinner plates.


There should also be areas in the basket itself that allow for the transportation of glasses or cups.  There is nothing worse than arriving at the picnic site and having no way to serve the drinks that you have chosen to compliment your meal.


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