Why a Picnic Is an Excellent First Date Idea

| May 18, 2012

When planning first dates, most people choose to meet at a fancy restaurant or at a bar. You may be looking for an alternative if fancy restaurants or bars are not your style. If the weather permits, there are several reasons why a picnic is a much better first date idea that will create a great first impression.

1. Casual Atmosphere

Going on a first date can be a nerve-wracking experience. Why create more stress by meeting in a stuffy restaurant where you are forced to sit face-to-face with someone you barely know? A picnic can be just as romantic as a fancy restaurant but without all of the added stress. You will still be able to make eye contact and enjoy conversation but will not have to deal with the formalities of a restaurant atmosphere.

2. Avoid the Bill

A romantic picnic will not involve a waiter hovering around your table and, at the end of the meal; you won’t have to deal with the awkward moment when the bill arrives. Should the bill be split two ways? Should you grab the bill? All of this can be avoided by enjoying a romantic picnic instead.

3. Enjoy Gourmet Finger Food and Wine

Just because you won’t be dining out at a restaurant doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a gourmet meal. Romantic picnics are a great excuse to enjoy a quality bottle of wine, gourmet cheese, a baguette, olives, fresh-cooked prawns, a salad, strawberries, and other types of picnic food. You can keep things simple, yet offer a great mix of enjoyable food items. Don’t forget to take the other person’s dietary needs into consideration.

4. Let Nature do the Rest

First dates set in fancy establishments often make it difficult to be yourself. Nature on the other hand has a way of setting people at ease. When sitting in a natural environment, you can never predict what will unfold before your eyes. This will provide entertainment for you and your date while allowing you to get to know each other in a natural environment. Chances are you will get a better idea of who the other person is by having your first date in a natural setting. At the very least, you will both enjoy a relaxing day in the great outdoors where you can take in plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

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