Why Picnic Coolers Are the Hot New Trend for Workers

| April 3, 2011

In recent years, picnicking has gotten serious: New York City restaurants now offer takeout picnic meals. What’s the allure? Mostly, Americans no longer get enough quality time outdoors, which leads to a variety of health problems. Without a few minutes of sunshine each day, individuals miss out on the ever-important Vitamin D. And for depressed individuals, a few minutes in the sun can make all the difference in their overall wellbeing.

This need and desire to get more fresh air and a little sun has led to a new trend: picnic coolers. Picnic coolers on wheels are particularly fashionable right now, because they’re easy to wheel over to the park, and they hold enough food and beverages for four people. Because they’re insulated and lined, it’s simple to pack the food in the morning, and it will still be cold and unspoiled later in the day.

Picnic coolers aren’t just for families and holidays anymore. Whether you need service for one, two, or four people, you’ll find a style that works for you. Most designs include a set of utensils, melamine plates, and even wine glasses and a cutting board for cheese.

People were never meant to exist in cubicles, and constant stress at work has begun to affect our health. Americans don’t get outside, and they certainly don’t get to enjoy a siesta in the afternoon. Over time, all this drudgery takes a toll. Some workers are just waking up to this fact, and they are looking for new ways to enjoy life and make the work day saner.

By packing your own lunch, you can choose exactly what you’re going to eat for the day. You don’t have to rely on deli food or vending machines; rather, you can have a say about every last ingredient you ingest. Picnic coolers are the ideal way to keep your lunch safe and ready to go.

Some would argue that forty, fifty, or sixty hours a week in an office is unsustainable – and it is. Unless you get out during the day and smell the roses, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Being cooped up all day in a cubicle does nothing for your wellbeing. Fluorescent lights and indoor allergens do not make for happiness. But by stepping outside and enjoying a homemade meal al fresco, you’ll soon find your groove again.


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