Wine Totes Can Turn An Ordinary Picnic Into Something To Remember

| March 31, 2011

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, you have got to come up with something to do for your sweetheart. You’ve done the whole nice restaurant experience. You’ve taken her to the art museum, and a movie just doesn’t seem like it’s enough for a girl as special as yours. Well, the holiday that Cupid created isn’t the only thing that is looming. Warmer weather is just around the corner as well and if you are fortunate enough to live in a place that has thawed out by this special day, why don’t you consider taking a picnic?

Picnics have been around for ages, and they’ve always been a fun affair for everyone involved. We can’t think of a better way to spend your Valentine’s Day than wrapped up on a blanket with your true love. If you want this picnic to go off without a hitch, you’re going to need to get online and start searching for the right supplies.

The first thing that you need to take with you is a picnic basket. After all, you’re not going to make your girl carry her homemade sandwich through the woods, right? We didn’t think so! Picnic baskets come in two varieties: traditional and conventional. Traditional baskets appear to be more wicker-like and come with fewer bells and whistles than their conventional counterparts. Conventional picnic baskets are made from polyester and have a little bit more to offer. They are usually insulted for safe keeping of food and beverages, and they come with padded straps, which allow for easier transport.

While soda and tea is delicious, what can really turn a picnic into something romantic is a bottle of wine. What if your sweetheart’s favorite wine requires chilling but the picnic spot you have in mind is a bit of a hike? That’s what wine totes are for! Wine totes are made in so many styles that there is truly something for everyone. You can purchase wine totes that are fully insulated so that your bottle of wine stays cold. Moreover, most wine totes even come with a corkscrew, so that you can leave yours at home.

The last thing you need for your romantic getaway is a blanket. Picnic blankets also come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you purchase one that is comfortable and has plenty of room for you and your special lady to enjoy the afternoon.


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