Wine Totes for Classical Concert Enthusiasts

| March 22, 2011

While some wine lovers insist that certain foods go best with wine, others will argue that the music of Mozart better compliments fine wine. At any outdoor classical music concert, you will find people spread out on picnic blankets with a bottle of wine between them. Professional wine tastings are done in silent atmospheres that are devoid of perfumes or other ambient influences that might affect the taster’s judgment of a wine. One might conclude that music does influence the pleasure a person receives from a good glass of wine. When taking along a bottle of wine to a concert, keep your white wine cool or your red wine from becoming too warm by carrying them in one of the many wine totes now available.

Wine connoisseurs might enjoy the more traditional look of a willow or wicker wine carrier. Such wine totes are usually accessorized with adjustable straps and a place to store your corkscrew. For a more modern look and for additional protective padding, you might consider one the many polyester canvas wine totes on the market. Be sure to find a carrier that is fully insulated and provides a place for your corkscrew.

There are insulated wine totes that are designed to hold two or more bottles of wine if needed. If you’ll be brining along food and other supplies, a larger cooler basket or backpack might better suit your needs. For instance, there are backpacks designed specifically to carry a bottle or two of wine, wine glasses, and other accessories in one convenient carrier. Padded shoulder straps make carrying such items long distances easier than lugging around a handheld bag. They may also provide shatter proof compartments.

Professional wine taster Clark Smith truly believes that music influences the taste of wine. Smith said, “Just about everybody who hears about what I’m doing is either completely baffled by what I have to say or they think it’s so obvious that they don’t see any point in talking about it.” For most people, bringing along a bottle of wine to a concert is enjoyable no matter whether or not you believe Smith’s theory to be true.

The next time you are planning to attend a concert, come prepared with a bottle of your preferred wine and good company. If you discover that music really does influence the taste of wine, you might find yourself enjoying your favorite wine more than ever before.


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