Wine Totes for Every Occasion

| April 12, 2011

There’s nothing like a bottle of wine to set off a romantic meal. If you’re carrying your wine along with you to a picnic, you may want to take a look at the various wine totes available on the market. They come in a wide variety of designs and capacities and there’s certain to be something for everyone. These totes provide more than a convenient way to carry wine. They also protect your bottle against damage and, in some cases, they’re insulated so that you can keep chilled wines cold on the way to your picnic.

Wine totes come in designs that can be slung across the shoulders. These are great choices for those who are travelling some distance to their destination. There are few easier ways to carry a bottle of wine and, even if you’re headed out camping, these totes come in designs durable and rugged enough to survive some very trying conditions. These totes oftentimes have a flap or another means of sealing off the top, which provides safety against the bottle slipping out when you’re traversing challenging terrain or, perhaps less dramatically, when you simply set it down for a minute to get a rest.

Some wine totes can accommodate ice. This makes them great for wines that need to be kept chilled. Of course, it also makes them ideal for other beverages that come in similar bottles, such as some fruit juices, champagne and so forth. Insulated totes tend to be a bit thicker and provide good insulation against breakage from impact or other mishaps. These are good options if you have a drive before you get to your destination. You can simply leave the wine chilling in the cooler until it’s ready to be opened and the insulation will keep the temperature steady in a hot car.

Wine totes also come in more traditional, basket designs. These are great for a touch of class at any picnic. If you’re having a large gathering, you can choose from among the designs that carry multiple bottles of wine. Where keeping your wine at the proper temperature and safe from harm are concerned, these products offer a lot. If you’re a camping or outdoor enthusiast who likes to take their meals under the sun or stars, a wine tote is a great way to make sure that your bottle stays safe.


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