Wine Totes Make A Great Hostess Gift

| April 16, 2011

While wine is definitely the traditional hostess gift, it’s also a little generic. Simply because everyone expects to give and receive wine when it comes to a dinner party or other, hostess gift appropriate occasion, it’s not as special and doesn’t have the wow factor that people usually hope for when it comes to gift giving occasions. Just because the motion of and reason for giving a gift is routine, that doesn’t mean that the gift itself has to be mundane or ordinary. If you really want to wow the next hostess you present with a bottle of wine, be sure to present your wine in one of any number of beautiful, affordable wine totes.

Wine Totes Come In All Styles

Whether the hostess in question is a traditional, elegant person who would go for classic dark wicker, a fun loving hostess who’d be happy with a brightly colored fashion print fabric tote, or any style in between, there’s definitely wine totes available that will make anyone happy. While fabric totes are gaining in popularity and have the most options for color, pattern, shape and style, the more traditional wicker wine totes and totes with stainless steel accents have an appeal all their own.

Wine Totes Are Inexpensive

Since most wine totes— even ones that are elegant or ornate and come with additional extras— are priced at less than twenty bucks a pop, they won’t add a significant amount of money on to the price tag of your bottle of wine, and the wine totes will make an indelible mark on the memory of the people who receive them. Additionally, since most wine totes also act as a cooler, they will keep the wine at the perfect serving temperature— tempting your hostess to open your bottle on the spot!

Don’t let the bottle of wine you spent so much time picking out just get sent to tbe back of the wine rack with all the other hostess gifts. Use wine totes to make your gift thoughtful and unique, considerate and fun— a twist on a classic that can only be appreciated. It only takes a small change to make a big impact, and in this case, slipping your bottle of red or white wine into any of a number of beautiful wine totes will really make a statement— both about how you appreciate the person receiving your gift, and about you.


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