Wine Totes Offer Convenience and Style

| April 15, 2011

Planning the perfect romantic picnic requires several things. You’ll certainly need to find the right place, whether you’re taking a stroll on a deserted beach somewhere, hiking in the mountains or just enjoying a beautiful evening around your home. You’ll need to have the right blanket, and you’ll need a picnic basket, as well. However, if you want to enjoy your romantic evening to the utmost, you should consider wine totes, as well. These offer you the easiest way to carry your preferred vintage with you, as well as other benefits.

Single Bottle Options

One of the first things that you will find is that wine totes are available in different carrying capacities. You’ll find the single bottle variety is the most affordable, but there are quite a few varieties here. For instance, you can choose an eco-friendly tote that is made from natural woven fabric. These offer great looks, help you carry your beverage and they are also good for the environment.

There are also colorful, collapsible options available. These are made from premium leatherette, and offer a great look to go along with your vintage, whether you’re off to a party or heading out for some quality alone time.

Insulated Options

If you want your wine to remain chilled, then you should consider insulated wine totes. You’ll find that these allow you to carry almost any size bottle of wine along on your picnic, and they will keep it chilled properly the entire time. There’s no better way to enjoy that glass than at the perfect temperature. These are also good options if you will be going to a party or a housewarming.

Wicker Options

If you prefer a more traditional look, then you will find wicker tote options available, as well. These are usually made from willow, and offer stunning good looks to go along with their helpful carrying capacity. These are the best wine totes available if you want to match the look of your picnic basket.

Double Bottle Models

You’ll also find that there are options available that can carry more than one bottle at a time. These are perfect solutions for parties, but they’re also great for a larger picnic with more than a couple of adults. You will find both insulated and non-insulated types available for your needs, as well as “bottle pouch” style bags and neoprene bags.


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