Winter Picnic Ideas and Tips

| January 2, 2012

During spring and summer, we do practically everything outdoors; however, the winter season confines us to doing practically everything indoors and quite frankly, it’s boring and depressing especially for kids. Why don’t you plan and schedule a winter picnic for a change? You think picnic can only be done in spring and summer? Wrong! With the right plan and a really adventurous spirit, a winter picnic can be executed easily with every bit of fun offered by a spring or summer picnic. You’ll see that a winter picnic will be one of the best activities of the season that you and your family will never forget. Below are some winter picnic ideas and tips to keep everyone happy during this season.

Start with a simple picnic idea

It’s great to start with some homemade cookies and hot cocoa. Don’t try to plan an entire meal at first as it’s not good to eat such big meal outdoors at this time of the year. Instead, pack some of your favorite treats, fill a picnic thermos and be on your way out.

Dress up … properly

You surely wouldn’t wear a parka at a pool party, right? To enjoy a wonderful winter picnic, make sure to dress to the nines. Make sure everyone wears a warm gear from head to toe, something that will keep you snug.

Pay attention to weather report

Before you plan a winter picnic, make sure you have an idea of what the weather would be for the next few days. It can be a fun setting to have picnic under gently falling snow but beware because this can cause much trouble as well when it turn into a freezing rain.

Equip yourself with the right gear

Below are some items that you should toss in your backpack:

• Camera – it’s a great idea to snap some photos of your family and share with others
• Blanket – don’t forget that with a winter picnic, you will be sitting right in the snow and a woolen blanket can surely provide you with some warmth and comfort.
• Flashlight – night falls quickly during winter so it’s a good idea to bring at least one small flashlight especially if you will be having your winter picnic far from home.
• Matches – the winter season is a perfect time to go rural and build some fire.
• Small trash bag – when having a picnic, the motto is to leave no trace.

Equip yourself with the goodie gear

Below are some items that you should toss in your picnic backpack to have a really wonderful winter picnic experience:
• Thermos – of course, you need something for your hot chocolate, mac & cheese, lentil soup, etc.
• Foil – if you want something a bit more special, then cook something at home and keep them a bit warm and fresh by wrapping them in a foil.

Have you ever had winter picnic before? If you haven’t, then it might be a good idea to have one this winter season!

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