Worried about Your Picnic Food Going Bad? Try Insulated Coolers

| March 15, 2011

When it’s 90 degrees out and you’ve got a fun picnic planned, you may be worried about keeping your wine and cheese cold. Conversely, when it’s cool out, you may be a bit anxious about keeping your hot dishes nice and toasty for several hours. How can you eat in style while keeping everything the right temperature? Insulated coolers are the answer.

Insulated coolers aren’t like ordinary coolers – they’re far more functional, and they lend a more romantic cachet. The right basket is a smart investment if you enjoy eating outside, because bringing the family to a restaurant a few times is more expensive than a modern basket. Your insulated carrier will pay for itself in short order.

Whether your destination is an hour away, or you won’t be eating right immediately upon arrival, Insulated coolers make sense. Unlike a traditional cooler, a stylish carrier has compartments for everything you need – from condiments to cloth napkins. There’s no thinking necessary – just pack your food and go. Whether you’re serving one, two, or four people, there is a lined carrier that is large enough to meet your needs.

In years past, picnic baskets were one size fits all; they were simple wicker containers with no notable characteristics. Times have changed and they now come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want a trendy cloth carrier, or an updated woven basket, carriers now offer much more practicality than they used to. The designs are more fun, and some even offer BBQ tools if you like to cook right at the park or beach.

Some picnickers like to keep the meal simple by packing finger foods and a thermos of lemonade, while others want to make the meal more extravagant. If you prefer to make everything ahead of time, rather than cooking onsite, then a lined, insulated carrier will make all the difference. You can keep your baked beans piping hot, and keep your champagne perfectly chilled. Just be sure to keep the hot foods away from the cold items, or wrap your hot items with a spare kitchen towel.

By choosing an insulated carrier, you don’t have to worry about food spoiling or your meal being ruined. You won’t have to rush to find the right location, because your food will be right at the perfect temp.


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