Your Ultimate Guide To Shopping For Picnic Blankets

| April 17, 2011

When the snow finally melts and the leaves begin to grown again, most people are more than ready to get outside and enjoy the weather. A lot of nature lovers take pleasure in spending an afternoon picnicking. If you think that you might be interested in taking a picnic once the weather is on your side, there are a few things that you are going to need. From a picnic basket or tote, to food, and utensils, one of the most important items to take on your expedition is a picnic blanket.

While you might think that anything from a towel, to a comforter, could serve as a picnic blanket, think again. Picnic blankets are meant to keep your food off of the ground and to keep your comfortable. That means that when you’re looking for the right blanket, not just anything will do. There are a few characteristics that you should look for when you’re shopping for the perfect picnic blanket.

First of all, you’ll need to consider the size. Although it might seem impossible to suffer from claustrophobia when you’re outdoors, spending a nice afternoon cramped up on a tiny blanket can be uncomfortable and unpleasant. Picnic blankets that are over fifty inches long and sixty inches wide should give you enough room to be comfortable. However, if there will be more than just two people at your picnics, you might want to consider purchasing a larger blanket. After all, everyone should have room to stretch their legs and to enjoy their meal.

Moreover, you will want to choose a blanket that is waterproof or water resistant. There are a lot of great picnic blankets out there but some of them just don’t provide enough resistance to water that’s on the ground. If you want to have your picnic right after the rain has cleared, you will most certainly need something that’s waterproof.

You should also look for a picnic blanket that’s washable. Picnic blankets get dirty, either from being on the ground, getting food dropped on them, or a combination of the two.

Many blankets are available with accessories, such as pegs. Purchasing a blanket that includes pegs will keep your picnic space from getting rumbled.

Perhaps most importantly of all, you should have a picnic blanket that you like. A blanket that is made of an itchy fabric won’t be comfortable for you to sit on.


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